High Foam TFR


Highly durable, super hydrophobic coating

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  • Extremely quick application via pressure washer
  • Provides a glossy, wax-like finish
  • Excellent water repellent properties
  • Durable finish lasts for weeks
Customer benefits
  • Effortless pressure wash application speeds up valeting process increasing number of vehicles that can be processed per day
  • Wax like finish provides visual reassurance that protection is in place
  • Water repellency vastly reduces vehicle drying time and reduces number of drying towels required
  • Protects vehicle paintwork to make future cleaning easier
Usage instructions
Coat-it Step 1

Using an injector, place chemical intake pipe directly into Coat-It container. Set dilution to 2%.

If using a foaming bottle attachment, add 50ml of Coat-It to a foam lance bottle then add 250ml of water and mix gently.

Coat-it Step 1

After washing and rinsing vehicle, apply Coat-It via pressure washer foam equipment to the wet vehicle.

Coat-it Step 1

Rinse off product immediately and dry vehicle.

Coat-it Step 4

Important! Clean windscreen and wiper blades with Autoglym Window Clean.

Expert Tip: In warm weather conditions, apply product to the shaded side first to avoid drying on the surface.
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