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  1. Can Alloy Wheel Seal be safely used on split rims?... Answer »
  2. What would you suggest for a bare aluminium Caterham 7?... Answer »
  3. Could you please tell me if the Leather cleaner is a water based product?... Answer »
  4. I have a new dark blue Volvo XC90 with LifeShine. I used a cover to protect it when outside but have noted some very light abrasion marks at rounded edges. What is the best product to restore this. I have stopped using the cover.... Answer »
  5. Will hd cleanser remove the work of super resin polish and gloss protection?... Answer »

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1. Can you Polish Fibregalss Answer »

2. How long does a High Definition Wax red applicator last? Answer »

3. Why are there 2 applicators with HD Wax? Answer »

4. Does High Definition Wax need special storage? Answer »

5. Is it ok if High Definition Wax gets onto the rubber trim or will it go white as with other polishes? Answer »

6. If LifeShine applied to my paintwork, should I use High Definition Wax? Answer »

7. Do you have a product to remove the yellow haze from headlights? Answer »

8. Can High Definition Wax be applied immediately to a new car? Answer »

9. How do I remove swirls marks from black paint? Answer »

10. What is the best way to dry your car? Answer »

11. What is an Aqua-Dry? Answer »

12. What are the washing instructions for the Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth? Answer »

13. How can I prevent oxidized cloudy headlights? Should I use ultra deep shine as I do on the rest of the car or another product? Answer »

14. What products would you recommend for cleaning and polishing a motorhome with painted steel painted aluminium, fibreglass and GRP panels? Answer »

15. Can your Caravan & Motorhme Cleaner be used on an awning? Answer »

16. How soon can a new car only painted within last 6 weeks be treated with Life shine? Some advise to wait a few months for paint to harden. Answer »

17. I used Super Resin Polish several weeks ago, and use Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner to clean each week. Can I now use Aqua Wax for quickly waxing car after the Bodywork Shampoo? Can I still use the Aqua Wax as the car becomes dry? Answer »

18. How long is Autoglym LifeShine guaranteed for? Answer »

19. What product do I need to remove squashed flys? Answer »

20. What is the difference between the Hi-Tech Microfibre Drying Towel and Aqua-Dry? Answer »

21. How do I remove a wax layer from a metallic black car? Answer »

22. How do you clean sponge? Or do you leave in its bag damp? Answer »

23. What can I use on top of Supaguard? Answer »

24. Can I use Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner to clean a soft top? Answer »

25. How much would a kit be with every item in it? Answer »

26. Do you do a product for clenaing cabrilot roofs? Answer »

27. I have just had Autoglym LifeShine applied to my new car. When would I need to wax my car and which wax should I use? Answer »

28. If LifeShine has been applied to my paintwork, can I use Aqua Wax? Answer »

29. Is Aqua Wax a true wax or is it a polish and do you recommend it to be used between High Definition Wax treatments? Answer »

30. Does polishing a car with Super Resin Polish, specifically its silicone content, affect a nearby car being spray painted? Answer »

31. What is the best polish to use on a fibreglass boat? Answer »

32. My car has recently been repainted. How long must I wait until I am able to use Autoglym Super Resin Polish? Answer »

33. You recommend using HD Cleanser before HD Wax, but the HD Cleanser doesnt seem to be available outside the UK. Answer »

34. What is the best product for cleaning and water proofing a convertible please? Answer »

35. I have Venture Shield applied to my motorcycle however I get a build up of Polish on the edges, how can I remove it and prevent it in the future. Answer »

36. Can I use Autoglym products with Diamondbrite car protection? Answer »

37. What product to remove scuff marks on silver metallic paint Answer »

38. What can I use to clean the inside of a fabric cabriolet roof and also what about the internal roof support bars? Answer »

39. Do Autoglym provide a tutorial service? Answer »

40. What do you recommend to shine/polish PVC vinyl wrap on vehicles? Answer »

41. Is High Definition Wax suitable for motorcycles? Answer »

42. What products should I use to polish the gel coat of my yacht? I machine polish once per year. Answer »

43. I have a Triumph Street Triple R which has a matt paintwork. What would you recommend cleaning it with? Answer »

44. Can Autoglym LifeShine be applied after 3000 miles? Answer »

45. Is Instant Show Shine the same as Instant Bike Shine? Answer »

46. Someone has given me an almost empty bottle of Liquid Hardwax. What does this product do and is there an equivalent non-trade product? Answer »

47. Can I use Autoglym High Definition Wax on top of Autoglym Lifeshine ? Answer »

48. Do the machine pads fit the Kesterel Dual Action polisher and what is the best way to clean them?? Answer »

49. Can I use Rapid Detailer with Super Resin Polish instead of Extra Gloss Protection? Answer »

50. I am having problems with green growth on my jag XK8 soft top, I regularly use the fabric hood cleaner and protector, but it is getting more persistent and larger areas are now going green. What can I do? Answer »

51. I am using the Aqua Dry Cloth. Once I have used it on my car, the cloth naturally gets a little dirty. How can I wash it clean? Can I put the cloth in a washing machine with a quater cap full of detergent? Would this spoil the cloth? Answer »

52. What will remove all the carbon off my exhaust? Iíve tried AG metal polish, custom wheel and super resin polish, but there are still carbon deposits left. Answer »

53. How should I condition my leather motorcycle suit? Answer »

54. What product do you recommend for removing residue Tiger Seal from the front of the panelled areas of a car were they meet the paint work? Answer »

55. What is the best product to use on a soft top car? Answer »

56. Can Autoglym Paint Renovator be applied with an orbital polisher Answer »

57. Is silcone dressing damaging? Answer »

58. Ive used Aqua Wax but what are the care instructions for the microfibre towels now that they have been used? Can I wash them? If so how? Answer »

59. Where can I get Autoglym clothing? Answer »

60. I want to buy a final wax polish product for use on a hand painted enamel (Masons) finish on a steel narrowboat. Which product do you suggest. Answer »

61. How do I clean the microfibre that comes with the HD Wax? Answer »

62. Can I use the interior gaurd on my cloth roof? Answer »

63. What is best product to clean door and boot shuts? Answer »

64. How can I remove tree gum spots from my fabric soft top? Answer »

65. What is the minimum ambient temperature & maximum humidity you can use Autoglym products? Answer »

66. a synthetic neutral detergent for fabric hoods Answer »

67. is the fabric hood cleaner suitable for use on canvas eg a yurt with a covering of algae and mould spots Answer »

68. Can I buy Fabric Hood Protector separately Answer »

69. I have cleaned my convertible roof with your fabric roof cleaner and used the protector but there are still uneven looking patches. Is your Black Dye ok for this or is there something better? Would I have to remove the proofer first? Answer »

70. how do i clean and reproof my mg hood with autoglym Answer »

71. how do I get a car polish white stain out of my mohair mx-5 hood? Answer »

72. Instant Bike Shine is excellent, but is too large to carry on the bike. Is there a pocket size option? Answer »

73. What is the difference between using Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner and Motorcycle Cleaner on a motorcycle? Answer »

74. i have an 06 car in black which is showing swirls, I want to have it lifeshined but want to know should I use UDS first? also after I want to be able to use HD wax please advise. Answer »

75. audi convertible top cleaner dirt/discoloration at folds Answer »

76. Can fabric hood cleaner be applied to a wet roof? Answer »

77. Is Cabriolet kit suitable for a BMW Z4 hood as It is permeable by design Answer »

78. I used Auto Glym super resin polish on my racing boat hull. Do you have a better product which will lower the friction? Answer »

79. If polishes, glass cleaner and car wash etc are stored in a shed and freeze, can they be used once they have become fluid again or does the freezing render them useless? Answer »

80. remove bird droppings from convertible roof Answer »

81. how to remove mold from soft top Answer »

82. When I opened my new HD wax, the wax was separated from its container from the sides and the entire block could come out if I flipped the container. It is still solid throughout with no cracks or uneven composition, is it still usable? Answer »

83. Does the HD wax contains any Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE - also known as Teflon)? Answer »

84. what does UDS stand for? Answer »

85. Can I use Leather care cream on my new leather shoes to nourish and protect? Answer »

86. Can Autoglyms shampoo and conditioner be used on a car with GardX paint protection? Answer »

87. my car has been applied with LifeShine one year ago and I apply High definition wax every month. I am thinking of using the High Definition Cleanser to remove the multiple layers of wax accummulated over the one year. Is this advisable? Answer »

88. Is the Cabriolet kit suitable for the BMW Z4 permeable roof Answer »

89. If I use snow foam on my car which has had lifeshine applied will it remove the sealant? Answer »

90. How do I clean a vinyl roof? Answer »

91. I have just opened a box of high definition wax that i have had for some time and it appears to have dried out (there is a 1cm gap around the wax in the tub.) Can I rejuvinate it somehow so it is easier to apply to the paint? Thanks Answer »

92. How do I clean tiny spots & stains due to Vinyl & Rubber overspray? Answer »

93. Do you have a wax that is silicone-free? Answer »

94. How do I wash a microfibre high-tech drying cloth? Answer »

95. My Saab 93 handboook tells me not to use a fabric hood protector. Is it safe to use Autoglym Fabric Hood Protector? Answer »

96. Is Autoglym Instant Bike Shine the same product as Autoglym Instant Show Shine? Answer »

97. I purchased Super Resin Polish (1 litre) 1 year ago, and I want know if is expired? Does this product have an expiration date? Answer »

98. how do i remove dirty marks from my aqua dry Answer »

99. can super resin polish be used on any metal surface? Answer »

100. If I have ultra deep shine, super resin polish and high def wax, what order should I use them on a black car? Answer »

101. Do Halfords stock AUOTGLYM Answer »

102. what is the difference between silicone free spray and silicone spray besides the obvious that one has silicone and the other doesnt, Why do you sell 2 options is silicone bad for the interior dashboard or something thanks Answer »

103. Does Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner contain Petroleum distillates ? Answer »

104. Have you stopped production of your Active Stain Remover? Answer »

105. how should i clean the perfect polishing cloth? Answer »

106. I have Pure Guard applied to my new car, what products should I use to keep it looking great? Answer »

107. What is the shelf life for your products? Answer »

108. Can you list the items in the LifeShine Care Kit bag please? Answer »

109. Does Autoglym have any courses that people that work in car dealers can get professional help in how to polish cars and care for the paint work? Answer »

110. What are the dilution ratios for Powermax 2 i.e. for wheels, engine compartment, paint and interior? Answer »

111. How effective is Autoglym on GRP boat hulls? Answer »

112. Will your reproofer rot the rubber layer in my new Twillfast hood? Answer »

113. Is there a product to polish a GRP yacht? Answer »

114. Ņel abrillantador superglympolish2 contiene siliconas? Answer »

115. Is it safe to use Snow Foam on Autoglym Lifeshine? Answer »

116. Can metal polish be used on the engine of a car? Answer »

117. I have side steps on my Range Rover. I have been using Vinyl and Rubber care on them, but this makes them slippery. Any idea what I can use? Answer »

118. My door jams are oily and dirty from all the lubricants. What is the best product to use to clean out door jams? Answer »

119. Are the products used in the LifeShine treatment available for purchase and, if not, what products do you recommend (interior and exterior) be used on a new car? Answer »

120. quel produit puis-je utiliser pour mon toit vinyle de mazda miata ? Answer »

121. Vinyl & rubber care & Fast glass.Do these products do exaclty the same job? Answer »

122. gel coat Answer »

123. Do you clean cars on site? Answer »

124. Can Autoglym be used on boats? Answer »

125. How do I clean off water marks from a cloth car roof lining? Answer »

126. I have had my car treated with LifeShine how long must I leave it before washing? Answer »

127. Do Autoglym produce a silicone free polish? Answer »

128. My car is treated with Supagard, i want to maintain it using Autoglym products.Would Bodywork Shampoo,Resin Polish and High Def Wax be safe to use without damaging the Supagard protection? Answer »

129. A customer of mine has purchased a Surface Detailing Kit (inc. Clay Bar) and has come back for more of the Lubricant that came with it, is this available as a seperate product? Answer »

130. Can you store all Autoglym products where there is chance of frost? Answer »

131. How do I remove green algae from a fabric soft top? Answer »

132. Can I use Extra Gloss Protection over a Diamondbrite finish? Answer »

133. HD wax application sponges do i need to clean them if so how or do i just put them in plastic bag supplied? i did drop one on floor so i rinsed it wth water is that ok? Answer »

134. I treated my XK8 hood with waterproofer about 2 years ago.It has now got a slight white discolouration .How can I remove? Answer »

135. Can Ultra Deep Shine be considered as a polish & wax in one application product? Answer »

136. I have had LifeShine on my new car. Can I use Super Resin Polish or does this affect LifeShine? Answer »

137. Is it best to polish the car paintwork first with Super Resin Polish befor applying Lifeshine? Answer »


139. I have just bought a Silver Landrover. The dealer tells me that the car has had paint protection treatment. He is not sure if it is Autoglymís LifeShine or Supaguard. Which of the polish/waxes should I use to maintain the protection and shine? Answer »

140. Can Lifeshine Protectant be applied to car that has already had one application of HD Cleaner and HD Wax? Answer »

141. Hi I am wondering what would be the best products to use on my Aygo and how often? I am not a car wizz so unsure if wax would be necessary? Answer »

142. How do I clean and condition the exterior side of a vinyl hood and how the interior side of a vinyl hood? Answer »

143. I have G-3 Glasscoat on my car, what is the best cleaning practice and product for this? Do I need to wax and polish as well? Answer »

144. Iíve just bought a new car and apart from a LifeShine treatment, what selection of products would you recommend to maintain the exterior/interior showroom condition? Answer »

145. I cant find Aqua Wax anywhere except as a kit - do you sell it ? Ive had the kit and now only want the fluid Answer »

146. My car gets white spots on the glass and paint work after washing. What could be causing this? The spots are really stubborn to remove. Answer »

147. Can I use Autoglym leather care on my leather settee? Answer »

148. In countries where the temperature exceeds the 40 C is there a special way of storing HD Wax in order to prevent it from fading / destroying (i.e. keep refrigerated)? Answer »

149. Is it ok to use the Active Insect Remover on cars which have 3M VentureShield plastic protection? Answer »

150. When using the Autoglym Fabric Hood Cleaner do you rinse the hood first or do you apply the cleaner to a dry hood as that is what it states on the bottle where as in the video it shows the person rinsing the hood first. Answer »

151. Can I buy the Autoglym sponge own its own? Answer »

152. Do you sell a dvd on how to go about cleaning your car in a proper manner. Answer »

153. How does Lifeshine differ to using Super Resin Polish and Extra Gloss Protection? Answer »

154. Can I use Leather Care Balm on my leather sofa indoors? Answer »

155. I have purchased a new car with Autoglym LifeShine protection. On a week-by-week basis what would you recommend in terms of a cleaning schedule and which products should be employed? Answer »

156. What is the difference between Auto Gloss Rinse and Express Wax? Can I use the 2 of them together when cleaning my car? If yes, in which order? Answer »

157. What could I use to clean my motorbike seat without making it slippy? Answer »

158. I washed and protected my hood with the Autoglym hood kit a couple of weeks ago but now want to wash the hood again. What shampoo should be used just for general washing as I donít want to protect it again just to wash? Answer »

159. Having had silicone applied to various parts of my car by a valleter how can I remove overspray from glass and paint work? Answer »

160. Can Vinyl and rubber care be used to protect my motorcyle engine, or should I use motorcycle protectant? Answer »

161. my car is treated with JEWELULTRA DIAMONDBRITE can i use your ptoducts. Answer »

162. Can I use the HD Cleanser and HD wax on the gel coat of a GRP motor boat? Answer »

163. where can i find you Answer »

164. Can I use the Cabriolet Cleaning kit on my 1999 Volkswagen Golf canvas roof, although Service book only recommends water & no chemicals? Answer »

165. Where can I find details of my local supplier? Answer »

166. Is Rapid Detailer the same as Fast Shine & Lube 54? Answer »

167. Iím getting a new car with Lifeshine applied. Can I use other Autoglym products like Super Resin Polish, Extra Gloss Protection and HD wax on top of this? Answer »

168. Can you purchase the Fabric Hood Protector separately? Answer »

169. Do you sell any storage bags as I have a lot of Autoglym cleaning products and I want to keep them all together? Answer »

170. Does Super Resin Polish contain Silicone Answer »

171. What shall I use to clean a Fabric Hood Answer »

172. Why canít I use Washing-Up Liquid to clean car Answer »

173. Do I need to use different sponges for different parts of the car. Answer »

174. How often does a car need polishing Answer »

175. Can we use household cleaning agents and products to clean a car Answer »

176. Do any of your polishes contain carnauba wax? Answer »

177. I want to clean & protect my new caravan paint & trims what do you recomend Answer »

178. how do you train to become car valeter Answer »

179. what do you recommend for soft top roofs Answer »

180. How shall I treat the convertible on my TT to get it black again? Answer »

181. how do I get safety data sheet information? Answer »

182. How many times can the Perfect Palm be used? Answer »

183. What products can the Perfect Palm Applicator be used with? Answer »

184. What products can the Perfect Palm Microfibre be used with? Answer »

185. Which hand do I have to use when using the Perfect Palm? Answer »

186. Can the Perfect Palm be washed and re-used with another Autoglym product? Answer »

187. What is the difference in using a Perfect Palm, compared to a cloth or sponge? Answer »

188. Does the Perfect Palm require special storage? Answer »

189. Where can I use the Perfect Palm? Answer »

190. Can I use other productswith the Perfect Palms, other than the ones suggested by Autoglym? Answer »

191. How do I clean the Perfect Palm? Answer »

192. Is High Definition Wax better than Super Resin Polish, Ultra Deep Shine and Extra Gloss Protection? Answer »

193. Does High Definition Wax contain silicone? Answer »

194. Can I use High Definition Wax on my boat? Answer »

195. Can I use an ordinary cloth to apply High Definition Wax? Answer »

196. Can I use any other polishing cloths to buff off High Definition Wax? Answer »

197. Why do I need to use a microfibre cloth to buff off High Definition Wax? Answer »

198. Does High Definition Wax contain solvents? Answer »

199. How often can I use High Definition Wax? Answer »

200. Can car shampoo be used for cars treated with High Definition Wax? Answer »

201. What makes High Definition Wax better? Answer »

202. Why does High Definition Wax cost more than regular polishes? Answer »

203. How long does High Definition Wax last? Answer »

204. What should I use before High Definition Wax? Answer »

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