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  1. Can Alloy Wheel Seal be safely used on split rims?... Answer »
  2. What would you suggest for a bare aluminium Caterham 7?... Answer »
  3. Could you please tell me if the Leather cleaner is a water based product?... Answer »
  4. I have a new dark blue Volvo XC90 with LifeShine. I used a cover to protect it when outside but have noted some very light abrasion marks at rounded edges. What is the best product to restore this. I have stopped using the cover.... Answer »
  5. Will hd cleanser remove the work of super resin polish and gloss protection?... Answer »

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1. what is the best way to remove bird droppings Answer »

2. The bonnet of my kitcar is laquered steel with the rest being fibreglass. What do you suggest I use on it? Answer »

3. what is the difference between wax and polish and what would you recommend I use on my 5yr old Alfa 156 in Rosso Red ? Answer »

4. I have a metallic purple golf with moderately/badly deteriorated paintwork suffering oxidation, apart from Paint Renovator would SRP or UDS be the best to restore shine? Answer »

5. what is the best polish autoglym do for a red car with bodywork already in brilliant condition? Answer »

6. Does Autoglym make a product, which, after one application, will protect the paint for 1 year, or more. Answer »

7. after it rains it leaves deep embedded spots in car paintwork they will remove with t-cut and i wax it afterwards then it rains again and the spots return,your advice would be most appreciated Answer »

8. the clear top coat on my car appears scuffed in areas, how can i return it to a shiny state? Answer »

9. What products can the Perfect Palm Applicator be used with? Answer »

10. What products can the Perfect Palm Microfibre be used with? Answer »

11. Where can I use the Perfect Palm? Answer »

12. What is different about this High Definition Wax? Answer »

13. What type of paints can High Definition Wax be used on? Answer »

14. Is High Definition Wax suitable for metallic paint? Answer »

15. Why do I need to use a wetted sponge to apply High Definition Wax? Answer »

16. Can I use an ordinary cloth to apply High Definition Wax? Answer »

17. Can I use any other polishing cloths to buff off High Definition Wax? Answer »

18. Why do I need to use a microfibre cloth to buff off High Definition Wax? Answer »

19. How often can I use High Definition Wax? Answer »

20. Can car shampoo be used for cars treated with High Definition Wax? Answer »

21. Can High Definition Wax be used on already polished paintwork? Answer »

22. What should I use before High Definition Wax? Answer »

23. Is it ok if High Definition Wax gets onto the rubber trim or will it go white as with other polishes? Answer »

24. If LifeShine applied to my paintwork, should I use High Definition Wax? Answer »

25. Can High Definition Wax be applied immediately to a new car? Answer »

26. Can I use Ultra Deep Shine and then Extra Gloss Protection to give increased protection? Answer »

27. How do I remove swirls marks from black paint? Answer »

28. What is the best way to dry your car? Answer »

29. I have a black car with swirl marks, what should i use before High Definition Wax? Answer »

30. What is the best product to remove light scratches to a metallic gold car? Answer »

31. Can Rapid Detailer be used on car already waxed with HD? Answer »

32. How do I remove cat scratch marks? Answer »

33. On a fibre glass car should I use Super Resin Polish then EGP and then finish with High Definition Wax ? Answer »

34. What is the recomended product to remove wax etc prior to touching up stone chips? Answer »

35. Can Super Resin Polish be used with a random orbital polisher? Answer »

36. Which product should I use to protect my new car from the Australian sun? Answer »

37. What products would you recommend for cleaning and polishing a motorhome with painted steel painted aluminium, fibreglass and GRP panels? Answer »

38. I used Super Resin Polish several weeks ago, and use Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner to clean each week. Can I now use Aqua Wax for quickly waxing car after the Bodywork Shampoo? Can I still use the Aqua Wax as the car becomes dry? Answer »

39. After using the Surface Clay Detailing Kit is it still necessary to use Super Resin Polish before applying Extra Gloss Protection? Answer »

40. How do I remove a bird lime stain? Answer »

41. Can High Definition Wax be used after washing with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner, Super Resin Polish and finally Extra Gloss Protection? Answer »

42. What product do I need to remove squashed flys? Answer »

43. Why are High Definition Wax and Extra Gloss Protection not recommended for use at the same time? Answer »

44. Will Aqua Wax remove Extra Gloss Protection? Answer »

45. How do I remove staining/restore my aluminium roof rails on my car? Answer »

46. How can I protect against tree sap on my black car? Answer »

47. How do I remove a wax layer from a metallic black car? Answer »

48. How do I remove dullness caused by finger marks on my 2 year old metallic silver paintwork? Answer »

49. Can I use Autoglym High Definition Wax on top of Guard X? Answer »

50. I have a black car and a certain type of fly lays a yellow deposit on the car bonnet this melts in the sun and will not come off with normal washing which product can I use? Answer »

51. Can you apply High Definition Wax over the top of an existing High Definition Wax layer after washing? Answer »

52. What is the difference between a wax and a polish? Answer »

53. How do I remove sun cream from paintwork? Answer »

54. Is Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner silicone free? Answer »

55. The door trim on my car is stained by sun cream. What will take it off? Answer »

56. I have water spots after it rains. Answer »

57. I have just washed my caravan with Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner and polished with Aqua Wax, is it ok to now treat with Extra Gloss Protection, or do I need to coat with Super Resin Polish? Answer »

58. After using the Clay Bar and Rapid Detailer is it still necessary to use Super Resin Polish if I am going finish with HD Cleanser and HD Wax? Answer »

59. What do you advise for petrol damaged paintwork? Answer »

60. What would you recomend for a vinyl tonneau cover? Answer »

61. How do I remove sticky brown packing tape from my black paintwork? Answer »

62. Is Autoglym Paint Renovator suitable for pearlescent paint? Answer »

63. What order should I use Super Resin Polish and High Definition Wax in? Answer »

64. Do you have a spray wax that is applied after washing when the car is wet? Answer »

65. I would like a wet glossy look. Which is better - Super Resin Polish or High Definition Wax? Why would I need to use both? Answer »

66. My car seems to have little white paint spots on the surface that may have come from a spray shop or somewhere else. T-Cut wont remove them, what can you suggest? Answer »

67. Whatís best for removing insects and tar spots when washing, before applying a wax? Answer »

68. I want to build up layers of High Definition Wax, how many is ideal and how long should I leave each layer to cure, after buffing, before applying again? Answer »

69. I have already used Super Resin Polish and Extra Gloss Protection but want to use HD Wax. Do I need to remove the EGP or can I just go straight over the top of it? Answer »

70. While applying HD wax the sun became very strong and, as a result, I cannot buff the HD wax off my bonnet. What should I do? Answer »

71. Would using AG Clay Bar, Super Resin Polish and the HD Wax affect the LifeShine that I had applied to my new car? Answer »

72. Is Ultra Deep Shine as good as Super Resin Polish on light colours? Answer »

73. I have recently received a brand new car which is only 10 days old. Which Autoglym products would you recommend to wash, dry, polish and seal the bodywork correctly? Answer »

74. I have holograms on my dark blue pearl paintwork, they go temporariliy when polishing with Super Resin Polish, how do I make this permanent? Answer »

75. Hi 2 year old car black in colour with clear coat finish I have light and fine scratches in the clear coat what do recommend to remove them? I have tried a lot of different products, but not yours yet what do you recommend to get a showroom finish. Answer »

76. Can you use the Aqua Wax in conjunction with Super Resin Polish after you have washed and dried your car? Answer »

77. What product do you recommend for removing/buffing Super Resin Polish and Extra Gloss Protection to a shine when applied with a Perfect Palm Aplicator or is it wise to use the Perfect Palm Microfibre for the job? Answer »

78. I have a quarter-panel that is repaired with body filler and it has a dull finish, what do I use? Answer »

79. I have a non-metallic red Audi with a small scratch on the boot door - what would you recommend to cover/fix the scratch? Answer »

80. I have got green mould from trees on my fabric soft top I've used Cabriolet Hood Cleaning Kit on it also tried Interior Shampoo but still wonít get it off can you help please? Answer »

81. what are the best methods and products to use to keep my red corsa from going pink and how often should I treat it? Answer »

82. Can you use the Surface Detailing Clay Kit on GRP to help restore the shine? Answer »

83. Is it recommended to use Super Resin Polish before using Ultra Deep Shine or can I just use Ultra Deep Shine on a dark blue BMW? Answer »

84. Is Super Resin Polish abrasive how many times can you use it and are you at risk of damaging the lacquer? Answer »

85. Will Autoglym High Definition Bodywork Cleanser remove road tar instead of using Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover? Answer »

86. Why is it more difficult to buff off Ultra Deep Shine compared to Super Resin Polish? Answer »

87. I use Super Resin Polish followed by Extra Gloss Protection on my metallic paint car. Can I use the same procedure some weeks later without removing the earlier applied layers? Answer »

88. Whatís best to clean and polish a car that has LifeShine? Answer »

89. I have a red Astra that is faded. Whatís best to bring the colour back? Also once the colour is back can it be protected? Answer »

90. Can High Definition Wax be applied with an orbital polisher? Answer »

91. Would I be wasting money if I used Aqua Wax after washing a High Definition Wax finish with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner? Answer »

92. Is Super Glym the same as Super Resin Polish? Answer »

93. My new dark blue BMW has LifeShine and I want to know if I should use Super Resin Polish and Extra Gloss Protection or should I use Ultra Deep Shine as it is dark? Can I use the HD Wax on the dark blue? Answer »

94. I have been using Mer polish ,what preperation if any do i need to do,before using UDS? Answer »

95. Can Aqua Wax act as a sealant after using the Surface Detailing Clay Kit? Answer »

96. What effect does the use of Rapid Detailer have on the durability of EGP treated surfaces? Answer »

97. What effect does the use of Intensive Tar Remover have on the durability of EGP treated surfaces? Answer »

98. What is the difference in usage between the Surface Detailing Clay Kit and the new High Definition Cleanser? Answer »

99. How can i remove EGP so I can use HD Wax instead, Also can i use Paint Renovator SRP Then HD Wax, is this combination ok? Answer »

100. How do I remove wind deflectors glue without damaging the paint work? Answer »

101. How can I remove a cigarette tar stain from my cars bodywork? I have tried Autoglym Paint Renovator but this has not worked. Answer »

102. Can we use the Perfect Palm Applicator to apply the HD wax? Answer »

103. What would be the best car wax to use on a new solid red colour Astra and how often should it be applied? Answer »

104. What can I use to clean a motorhome with a gelcoat finish? The maker recommends soap and water. Answer »

105. Can I use Aqua Wax to my car after treated by High Definition Wax and can I use Aqua Wax often every time when I wash my car? Answer »

106. Does AG HD wax protect against industrial fallout and will it keep the oxidisation on top of the wax instead of letting it embed into the paint? If so will using a clay bar every 6 months prevent the fallout causing any long term damage? Answer »

107. Is ok to use Engine & Machine Cleaner as a degreaser for the lower half of the vehicle, if not what is a suitable product? Answer »

108. My van is painted in satin paint, what do you recomend to clean and protect it with? Answer »

109. I have a grey Porsche 911 03 and want to polish her, do I use Super Resin Polish and then Extra Gloss Protection or just Extra Gloss Protection? Answer »

110. I have VW Passat on 58 plate, I do lots of motorway driving, what is the best wax or polish protection which requires less time to wax or polish, plus shine all the time . Answer »

111. Will HD Wax guard against stone chips? Answer »

112. I have a white car and i want to ask which one is better for my between aqua wax or rapid detailer after treated by hd wax? Answer »

113. I have tar spots on the bonnet that even Intensive Tar Remover havenít touched, what can I do? Answer »

114. What is the best cloth/sponge to apply ultra deep shine with and to buff out with? Answer »

115. Is Active Insect Remover safe to use on my gelcoated motorhome Answer »

116. I'd like to foam wash my car which had a HD Wax treatment. Do you have any product which wont strip this layer? For example a PowerMax product? Answer »

117. Dark blue BMW in very sunny Spain. Ultra Deep Shine or Super Resin Polish and frequency of use Answer »

118. I applied HD wax to my car about 3 weeks ago, and everytime I washed my car then I use aqua wax and now can I use extra gloss protection to my car or just use the aqua wax and what u recommended? Answer »

119. How long will Aqua Wax last? Answer »

120. Hi, I have a light and dark coloured car. I plan to polish both before the winter using SRP, EGP and HD Wax. To keep the shine until spring is it better to top up with UDS or Aqua Wax after shampooing? Answer »

121. I would like a high gloss finish on my dark blue Astra. Which products should I use? Answer »

122. How soon after painting repaired areas on a car can Autoglym Instant Show shine be applied? Answer »

123. Does Super Resin Polish contain algae preventative. Answer »

124. How does Autoglym compare to P21s? Answer »

125. Can White paint finishes achieve the same reflective shine as dark colours? and if so which products should be used toachieve the best and longest lasting shine? e.g. on a new F10 BMW 5 series? Answer »

126. what is the cure time for SRP before applying a wax? Answer »

127. tar on caravan panels and acrylic window Answer »

128. I'm just about to take delivery of a 20 month old Jaguar XF. What should I do to keep it looking good for the next 12 months? Answer »

129. Can I use Extra Gloss Protection with Super Glym? Answer »

130. Can Autoglyms HD Wax applied after using Ultra Deep Shine on a dark coloured finish? I imagine that HD Wax would offer more longevity and durability to the Ultra Deep Shines finish? Answer »

131. can I use an electric polisher with Autoglym polishes? Answer »

132. if i use super resin polish and then hi definition wax, next time i go to polish/wax my car what should i do? wash then super resin and wax? or one or the other? Answer »

133. can i use ultra deep shine to my white car to remove swirl marks? Answer »

134. how can i restore paintwork discolouration caused by a magnetic sign Answer »

135. Can I use Super Resin Polish on my white car 2 months after being treated by HD Wax? Answer »

136. how can i remove paint (undercoat and gloss)off my cars paint and bumpers Answer »

137. What amount of HD Wax needed for a medium size car in grams? Answer »

138. I'd like to use some kind of foam pre wash on a HD Wax treated car. Can I use PM3 or PM4? Answer »

139. Should I use HD Wax on my brand new car? It is solid white. Answer »

140. How often should I wax my car? Answer »

141. do I need to prepare the paint work on a new car for HD Wax? Answer »

142. What is the best product to use for protection against bird droppings (new metallic water based paintwork on BMW)? Any limitation on how often the suggested product can be used? Answer »

143. Hi, do you consider Audis non-metalic Red, to be dark enough colour to benifit from the Ultra Deep shine product? Answer »

144. waterproofing convertible top Answer »

145. do you have to use a polish before HDwax? Is it better, if you have more time etc? Answer »

146. If I use a second coat of Extra Gloss over an earlier coat of Extra Gloss does it have a cumulative effect or does it simply replace the first coat? Answer »

147. If I use a second coat of Super Resin over an earlier coat of Super Resin does it have a cumulative effect or does it simply replace the first coat? Answer »

148. If I use a second coat of High Definition Wax over an earlier coat of High Definition Wax does it have a cumulative effect or does it simply replace the first coat? Answer »

149. Washing motorcycle outdoor. Is Aqua Wax suitable after using motorcycle cleaner or can egp be use in damp conditions. Answer »

150. Can Aqua Wax be applied when raining? I live in Ireland, hence the question. Answer »

151. should i use the high definition cleanser prior to using ultra deep shine for swirls on black? also after using the ultra deep shine should i revert to super resin on subsequent polishings? Answer »

152. Could you tell me if your Pressure Wash is compatible with your Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner ? Answer »

153. Could you tell me if your Pressure Wash is harmful to your HD Wax ? Answer »

154. What order should I use Ultra Deep Shine and Aqua Wax in? Answer »

155. When washing the car with Autoglym shampo - what water temperature is ideal? Answer »

156. My car is black metalic 1month old - is it better to use Super Resin Polish followed by HD wax Than Only Ultra Deep Shine? Answer »

157. Can I apply uds with a microfibre towel? And is uds ok for a dark gray 3 year old car Answer »

158. What is the best preferred protection process for a brand new car in order to provide the best possible results? Clay > HD Cleanser > HD Wax? Answer »

159. Is it possible to apply more than one layers of HD wax for better protection? If yes how much time after the first application? Answer »

160. I use Aqua Wax regularly, but is it best to use High Definition Wax or Super Resin Polish periodically or should you both wax and polish. I don't understand the difference between waxing and polishing! Answer »

161. which is the best wax for white cars? Answer »

162. What is the difference between paint renovator and 03B Fine Abrasive? I have medium scratches caused by a zip on my Ducati tank... Answer »

163. how do i take care of a matte paint finish (exterior) Answer »

164. After useing the paint renovator can you then use super resin polish on top of this? Answer »

165. is it better to apply/buff super resin polish manually or with a ramdom orbit machine? Answer »

166. i need to use SRP followed by EGP. what are the steps & the timings (in a hot dry weather) Answer »

167. Is it better to buff EGP with perfect polishing cloth or with a random orbit polisher? Answer »

168. I am in the valeting trade; do Autoglym do a waterless wash system? Answer »

169. When you renovate car paintwork arent you just dealing with the clearcoat? Answer »

170. Which products are best to clean and preserve a carbon fibre roof, and in what order? Answer »

171. I want to get the dirt off my car before washing it what should i use?? Answer »

172. I understand High Definition (HD) cleanser is not suitable for car with LifeShine coating. What is the next best method to remove HD wax on a LifeShine car? Answer »

173. My 3 year old Audi had Lifeshine from new but now has light scratches in the paintwork. How best to treat these with impairing the protection from Lifeshine? Answer »

174. I have a 1 month old car with black pearlescent paint. After washing it should I apply super resin polish then seal with extra gloss protection or high definition wax. Which combination would be best? Answer »

175. what is the best wash/polish for championship white honda integra dc5 Answer »

176. Can I put Ultra Deep Shine on with a polish sponge? Answer »

177. reapply hd wax Answer »

178. Ive never used AG products. Is best order 1: Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner then 2: HD Cleanser then 3: Super Resin Polish then 4: HD Wax? Answer »

179. How do I remove swirl marks from my BMW? Answer »

180. Does Supreme Polish contain wax? Answer »

181. I want deep cleaned paint, should I use Autoglym Surface Detailing Clay Kit or Autoglym High Definition Cleanser first. Answer »

182. Do I need to use HD Cleanser after using the clay before I polish and wax as canít the clay just get rid of the old wax and polish instead of using the HD cleanser? That way I can just clay, polish and wax instead of clay, cleanse, polish and wax. Answer »

183. Will HD Cleanser make the paint smooth and if so can I just use this instead of the clay? Answer »

184. I bought a brand new car 2 months ago and the salesman said he would apply Gaurd X as a good will gesture, I am not sure if this was actually applied. What would you reccomend to apply to give a lasting shine and protect the white paintwork. Answer »

185. What product do you recommend for removing/covering stone chips on my bonnet (Red nissan 350z)? and What are all the producats you recommend I need to complete the job myself (application/polishing etc)? Answer »

186. How can I avoid fine scratches when washing my car? Answer »

187. i have a 9 month old black gloss metallic car which has swirl marks.i have supreme polish ,if i use this can i later use super resin polish once i remove the swirls. Answer »

188. Am I better using a clay kit or HD cleanser on a 2yr old golf, I have used Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner and Super Resin Polish last two yrs. Answer »

189. My car has been treated with Autoglym LifeShine, will cleaning with the AutoGlym clay bar or AutoGlym High Definition Cleanser remove the Life Shine? Answer »

190. Does your car have to be wet to use aqua wax or can it also be dry? Answer »

191. I want to clay, hd clease and hd wax my car but there is light swirl on the paintwork will this process deal with that or must I use something else first like ultra deep shine or super resin polish? Answer »

192. should I use ultrafine renovator 02B on fiberglass? Answer »

193. can you tell me the best order please? wash and shampoo, detailer and claybar, lifetime shine and then super resin polish? Answer »

194. Is it possible to use Bodywork Shampoo in a Karcher Power Jet Washer or do I have to use the special shampoo? Answer »

195. What could I use as a chemical in my pressure washer Answer »

196. to get rid of removed sign writing that has left faint marks in white paint Answer »

197. what is the trade equivilant to ultra deep shine Answer »

198. what polish is good to remove scratches Answer »

199. Hi my caravan has grp panels which I have polished with super resin polish the front and back panels which are smooth have a good shine but the side panels which are not smooth are patchy is there any way of restoring the shine Answer »

200. After waxing with High Definition Wax is it ok to use Instant Show Shine? Answer »

201. I have a new mini that has a Tattoo, which is a decal on the side and roof, can I apply HD wax over it? Answer »

202. after applying ultra deep shine is it ok to use high definition wax as well. Answer »

203. Does the HD Wax remove small surface scrathes from the paintwork or would I have to use T Cut first. Answer »

204. Apart from the colour, is there any difference between the hi-tec finishing cloth and the cloths supplied with aqua wax? Answer »

205. which is better for applying polish onto a car, applicator pad or polishing cloth? Answer »

206. can i use Super Resin Polish, then finish with Ultra Deep Shine to a black car? Answer »

207. is HD Cleancer suitable for dark color? Answer »

208. what polish would you recommend to use on silver cars to get the best possible shine? Answer »

209. What to use on matte vinyl wraps on the bodywork on my car? Answer »

210. I applied HD Wax to my car 2 months ago. Would there be any gain in now applying super resin polish before reapplying HD wax? Answer »

211. Will the Intensive Tar Remover affect the Lifeshine on my vehicle? Answer »

212. Can Super Resin Polish damage paint at the end? Answer »

213. Do you sell a polish that does not contain silicone? Answer »

214. what is the best polish for light colour metalic paint finish Answer »

215. Does the super resin polish cut the paintwork ? Answer »

216. My red car has faded to pink. What would be the best product combinations to use to bring it back to a good finish? Answer »

217. Is the Surface Detailing Clay Kit or the High Definition Cleanser better to prep my car? Answer »

218. I have bought a 5ltr of Superglym polish, can you explain in what combination should I use the product with other Autoglym products (I have them all)? Answer »

219. The adhesive from the L plate remains on my car, how can I remove it? Answer »

220. Is it safe to use Super Resin Polish with a random orbital polisher? Answer »

221. What will offer the best long term protection and shine, washing with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner and then using Aqua Wax? Or washing with Bodywork Shampoo, polishing with Super Resin Polish and finishing off with Extra Gloss Protection? Answer »

222. Can I apply the polish first and then apply the wax? Answer »

223. How do I remove hardened tree sap from my metallic paintwork? Answer »

224. Is Autoglym High Definition Wax clear coat safe? Answer »

225. I have just bought a metallic green Astra it has a few light scratches and is a bit dull. Whatís the best course of product treatment to shine the car back up? Answer »

226. i have a metallic silver car and want to polish to the best of my ability, what is the best process to give the best and logest lasting finish ? Answer »

227. Can I use Ultra Deep Shine with a Machine polisher? Answer »

228. How do I remove dead fly remains, the fly remover doesnt get rid of them so ive used SRP, but that doesnt work, what else can I do? Answer »

229. Can I use Super Resin Polish on my metallic blue bumpers? Answer »

230. Can I use Super Resin Polish before High Definition Cleanser? Answer »

231. My new red Volvo has slight swirl marks, what can I do? Answer »

232. I have a 2002 Mustang convertible. What do I use to restore some life into the convertibles top? Answer »

233. What product do you recommend for removal of bugs and tar between washes and will this affect the wax already on the car? Answer »

234. If you want to apply two coats of HD wax, is it advisable to wash your car again in-between applying the 1st and 2nd coat, and do you need to wash the applicator pads between waxing, if so what is the best way to do so? Answer »

235. I have purchased HD Cleanser, HD Wax and SRP. Can I use a DA machine with these products and do you have any tips by using the machine with the mentioned products? Answer »

236. Is it safe to use Bumper Care on a carbon fibre bike w matt finish paint to remove sup res polish and x-gloss prot? Answer »

237. I have a black Mercedes. Stone chips have caused minute white specs in the paintwork. Does Autoglym have a product which would disguise these marks, without having to use a touch-up paint? Answer »

238. I have a white Audi TT.Had repaired to bonnet what is the best treatment to restore protection and finnish to this area car has lifeshine and HD wax how long after the repair before re treating Answer »

239. Is it true that applying successive layers of HD Wax over a couple of years on white paint will slowly tinge the paintwork as the Carnauba is yellow & not clear? Answer »

240. Can I apply Extra Gloss Protection in the sunshine? Answer »

241. Whats best aftre clay on a black 5 year old car with poor paint? AG SRP followed by EGP or just use Ultra Deep Shine? Answer »

242. I have a black metallic BMW 2 years old, paint good condition apart from a few light scratches. What are the best products to use, Super Resin Polish and Extra Gloss Protection or Ultra Deep Shine? Answer »

243. What can I use to wash safely mat paint? Answer »

244. Can Ultra Deep Shine be applied on top of a sealant that was applied 6 months ago? Answer »

245. I normally use Super Resin Polish and then Extra Gloss Protection. I am considering using the HD Wax, should I use the cleanser first or should I use clay bar then cleanser? Answer »

246. Does Autoglym Super Resin Polish act as a polish and a wax? Answer »

247. How can I stop flies sticking to my paint work and will not wash off? Answer »

248. Im about to pick up a brand new audi tt in non metallic white, im not having lifeshine as they want daft money so want to do something myself to give the paintwork the best possible shine and protection, what would you reccomend? Answer »

249. How often should you apply Extra Gloss Protection? Answer »

250. I have a Silver 2000 Passat what would the best way to restore the finish? Would clay bar followed by High Definition Cleanser, Super Resin Polish and Extra Gloss Protection be a good route to go? Answer »

251. What product do I have to use if I have spider webbing in dark colour paint? Answer »

252. I have just purchassed a brand new Citreon C1, What products should I use to keep in showroom condition, while proctecting. No paint traetment has been applied by dealer. Answer »

253. My car has been scratched and a small part of the metallic paint is peeling off. I have touched up it with auto touch-up paint but it isn't that even. How can i make it even and get back the shining paintwork at those areas? Answer »

254. I have had some chrome overriders and headlamp surrounds rechromed. What is the best product to seal/protect these to maximise their new life? Answer »

255. I have black audi, someone scratch my bonnet, scratches has been removed with wet sand and some polish product. Affected area is now bit fade compare to rest of paint. What I should use to polish this area SRP or UDS? Answer »

256. After I wash my car and then use Super Resin Polish, the next stage is to use the HD Wax. Is it ok then in a couple of weeks to put the Super Resin Polish on top of the HD wax and keep repeating this? Answer »

257. Can I use a micro fibre cloth to apply and remove both Super Resin Polish and Extra Gloss Protection? Answer »

258. How you know if your car needs claying? Answer »

259. What Autoglym polish is best to use on cellulose? Answer »

260. Bearing in mind that the Super Resin Polish at the same time and light sealant if necessary use Extra Gloss Protection? The color of my BMW is Calypso Red Metallic. Answer »

261. Can Super Resin Polish be used to remove old wax before applying a new coat? Answer »

262. My car has a single stage paint. Is Autoglym safe for it? Answer »

263. How do I remove suncream stains (handprints) from my metallic black paintwork Answer »

264. After electrically sanding the varnish off my front door, there is now a layer of fine particles adhering to the paint (despite washing twice). How do you think i should best proceed to remove these? The colour and surface finish looks fine. Answer »

265. Do I need to re- polish after using Active Insect Remover? Answer »

266. How long after having LifeShine professionally applied can I use HD wax over the top of the sealant? Answer »

267. I have LifeShineon my car with splashes of white paint on top. How can I get rid of the white paint? Answer »

268. Do you have to rinse off Autogloss Rinse? Answer »

269. Do Autoglym produce a decal restorer? Answer »

270. How do you remove polish that has dried in the cracks? Answer »

271. I have used used Cabriolet Hood Cleaning Kit but it has left a residue on by paint work, how do I remove this? Answer »

272. which product is best for car body winter protection? Answer »

273. Can you please tell me how can I remove Fabric Hood Protector from my window and a little from my paintwork? It has been there for 6 months. Does Autoglym Fast Glass helps? Answer »

274. I have a sparkling black RX8. Which products are best used to preserve and protect this colour and to remove fine scratches? Answer »

275. I am looking for the best way to improve the bodywork on my 21yr old classic ford escort Answer »

276. What is the difference between auto gloss rinse and express wax? Can the 2 be used together in the same wash? If yes in what sequence? Answer »

277. when applying SRP with a machine should i use water to help lubricate/cool? Answer »

278. How do i protect the paintwork on my car from damage from bird droppings? do you have a paint protector? Answer »

279. i have used uds followed by hd wax. will this damage the paint work or protect it better? Answer »

280. Hi, ive tried SRP and Paint renovator but nothing removes swirl marks! Car is very expensive and only 2 years old Answer »

281. how to pressure was a car Answer »

282. My brand new cars paintwork isnít 100 per cent smooth when I rub my hand over it, it feels like very fine bits in the paint. What do you recommend I use? Answer »

283. Can I use Ultra Deep Shine after Paint Renovator? Answer »

284. can radiant wax be used on lifeshine Answer »

285. Is shampoo conditioner ok for metallic paint Answer »

286. how do I stop or get rid of white polish dust after using super resin polish? Answer »

287. How do I treat cement dust on the bodywork? Answer »

288. Can the over spray from Instant Tyre Dressing damage the lacquer on the alloy wheels or car body? Answer »

289. Will hd cleanser remove the work of super resin polish and gloss protection? Answer »

290. I have a new dark blue Volvo XC90 with LifeShine. I used a cover to protect it when outside but have noted some very light abrasion marks at rounded edges. What is the best product to restore this. I have stopped using the cover. Answer »

291. What would you suggest for a bare aluminium Caterham 7? Answer »

292. Can you Polish Fibregalss Answer »

293. Does Super Resin Polish contain Silicone Answer »

294. How do you remove Tree Sap from Paintwork Answer »

295. What shall I use to clean a Fabric Hood Answer »

296. Why canít I use Washing-Up Liquid to clean car Answer »

297. Do I need to use different sponges for different parts of the car. Answer »

298. How often does a car need polishing Answer »

299. Do dark cars require a different polish. Answer »

300. How can I stop Bird Lime Damage Answer »

301. How long can polish be left on before it is removed Answer »

302. Does polishing the car rub the paint away. Answer »

303. I have a black car, what do i need to use to get the swirls out of my bonnet. Answer »

304. Is Super Resin Polish the best product to protect my brand new car? Answer »

305. Would you recommed the use of Super Resin Polish with a top coat of Extra Gloss Protection or the use of Ultra Deep Shine on a darkish metallic paint? Answer »

306. How to restore faded paintwork Answer »

307. I want to clean & protect my new caravan paint & trims what do you recomend Answer »

308. does vinyl and rubber care protect against uv rays Answer »

309. How do I get rid of swirl marks left by machine polishing? Answer »

310. how can I remove graffiti from the paintwork on my car Answer »

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